B o o k s t o r e
Still Smiling at Twilight


Mike Marcoe
Marcoe turns his wry and sharp gaze on
ordinary young people seeking to
break out of their self-imposed ivory
castles to gain the authentic lives they
have been lookng for in all the wrong
places. In the title story, a young
narcissist watches at Christmastime as
the exalted self he has built over the
years crumbles to nothing, leaving him
with the bare self he has so resisted
seeing. In "Is This Murder or What?" a
college dropout's nice side watches and
orchestrates his ego's downfall. "I
Read to God" tells the story of a
repressed writer who finds deliverance
in reading his erotica to the Almighty.
The thirteen stories in this book
employ a wide variety of narrative
techniques, voices, and pangs of dark
humor to flesh out the tales of the
modern heart at war with its better
sides. Mike Marcoe's first collection of
short and long stories suggests his
place as one of today's most
compelling new writers.
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Green Passion
This is an Amazon
, one of a few
short stories presented
by Amazon in  
stand-alone form.

I wrote this story to
explore the experience
of some young
individuals who are
motivated by ideology
or idealism to pursue
careers in the arts, but
who discover as they
age that they find
career fulfillment in
unrelated areas
instead. "Green
Passion" follows the
story of George Riche,
a blocked artist who
finds his calling in the
world of the kitchen
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115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety
115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety is
a comprehensive approach
to treating anxiety, both the
symptoms and the
underlying causes. The
author presents approaches
from a variety of
therapy, nutrition,
spirituality, exercise, and

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